Our 5 Favorite Art Podcasts

5 Fun, Informative, and Totally Non-Boring Art Podcasts

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Yes, good podcasts about art exist, really. While some podcasts are a place for stuffy academics to drone on about subjects above most of our heads, we’ve listened in and found quite a few podcasters who will both teach you a lot about art and keep you from napping. Check out our picks and get ready to tune in!

The Art History Babes
If we were stranded on a desert island and could only have one podcast episode, we’d choose one from the Babes. Corrie, Natalie, Jen, and Ginny are grad students whose podcast about art history is anything but boring. The Babes make learning about art history both easy and incredibly fun. With episodes covering everything from Basquiat to Gothic architecture to haunted paintings, listening to the Babes is the equivalent of being invited over to a close friend’s house and talking about art over wine…but in a non-pretentious way. And all the resources on their site make it easy to keep up with them, no matter your familiarity with the subject matter.
Listen to The Art History Babes here.

Raw Material
This podcast from San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) keeps things lively by featuring a different podcaster-in-residence for each season. Each podcaster takes a different view and approach to exploring modern and contemporary art. Don’t believe us? Season 3, titled “Landfall,” features hosts Jessica Placzek and Madeline Gobbo heading out on road trips around California to explore land-based and site-specific art, immersive art environments, and even the art history of Disneyland (yes, you read that correctly).
Listen to Raw Material here.

Art For Your Ear
Talk about turning bad feelings around. Danielle Krysa’s blog, The Jealous Curator, was born as a way for Krysa to talk about work she admired without giving into jealousy. (You know, the I-wish-I-would’ve-painted-that, why-doesn’t-my-work-look-this-good, I’ll-never-be-that-good-of-an-artist kind of jealousy.) Her approach not only spawned a podcast, but several books encouraging readers and listeners to, as her site states, turn “jealousy into get-your-ass-back-in-the-studio inspiration.” Tune in to not only hear from some of today’s coolest artists, but to get some major positive art-spiration as well.
Listen to Art For Your Ear here.

Bad At Sports
If the name alone doesn’t pique your interest, the fact that this podcast has been featuring artists talking about and critiquing art since 2005 definitely should. With well over 600 episodes, you’ll have more than enough episodes to choose from.
Listen to Bad At Sports here.

Though the podcast from the popular arts & visual culture site has only two episodes from 2017, their archives don’t disappoint. Much like Hyperallergic’s articles, the podcast features intriguing subjects for everyone interested in the arts, whether it’s an exploration of artwork at Standing Rock or a discussion about modern art in Egypt.
Listen to Hyperallergic’s podcast here.


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