7 Studios and Spaces That Give Us Serious Creative Inspiration

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Whether you’re a painter, a writer, a filmmaker, or any other type of creative, it’s no secret that some spaces tend to lend themselves more to creativity than others. That’s why, for ages, artists have had special studios and spaces apart from the hubbub of their typical world: to be able to create more freely. (And to keep precious art supplies and the smell of paint away from everyone else, too, we guess.)

A good studio can inspire us just as much as anything else. Here, we’re showcasing several spaces we’ve seen on a few artists’ Instagram accounts that give us serious inspiration to create to our hearts’ content.

A post shared by Shanna Van Maurik (@nogobed) on

@nogobed (Shanna Van Maurik)
The colors of this studio alone have us swooning. And never let it be said that a few paint splatters ever hurt anyone.
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@septemberwildflowers (Ruth Speer)
Rain or shine, we’re in love with the combination of greenery, candles, and bookshelves in this studio. And that natural light…we can’t get enough
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A post shared by Neva Hosking (@nevahosking) on

@nevahosking (Neva Hosking)
Small spaces don’t have to restrict creativity, and this studio sure doesn’t. We love the minimalism and potted plants!
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@ellysmallwood (Elly Smallwood)
Pets can help you past creative blocks, it’s a fact. Which is why we love that Elly Smallwood’s cat makes an appearance in shots of her studio.
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@hannahpmode (Hannah Perrine Mode)
This studio almost looks like a composition in itself…”Studio in Blue.”
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A post shared by Joy Ting Charde (@joycharde) on

@joycharde (Joy Ting Charde)
Here at Wunderkid, we’re a big fan of littles in the workspace. You never know what sort of imaginative new thoughts they’ll bring up, or how they’ll inspire you.
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@maijkah (Maja Dlugolecki)
Three words about this studio: that natural light.
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