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Hot Cocoa Kit – The perfect DIY gift for friends

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Here at Wunderkid, we love the holiday season for oh so many reasons. From the festive lights to the sweet treats scattered around our office, winter time makes us all feel cozy and happy. Above all the glitzyness, our favorite part of the holiday season is having the opportunity to say thank you to those who have helped our company with their ideas, expertise and valuable time. We were trying to decide what we should send them to say thank you and confess our undying appreciation for them. After a good amount of time on Pinterest, we all agreed upon creating our own DIY hot cocoa kit with reusable glass jars. So with no further ado, let us present to you a Hot Cocoa Kit, Wunderkid style.

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We started the week with a trip to Michaels and the nearest grocery store to gather our supplies. We spent right under $55 for all of the supplies for 6 people (under $10 for each gift!) and ended up with lots of leftovers.

•   hot cocoa mix (equal parts Hershey’s cocoa and sugar)
•   mini marshmallows
•   candy canes
•   mini glass or plastic jars with lids
•   wooden dowels
•   wire (no need to get any heavy duty wire!)
•   silver striped washy tape
•   mini gold bells
•   mini confetti balls
•   mini felt stocking (you can use this or anything else you find that’s cute)
•   ribbon (anything you like, any size you like)
•   rubber bands
•  hot glue gun/glue

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You’ll want to start off by finding containers for your hot cocoa ingredients. Needless to say, this was not easy.  After spending almost 2 hours in Michaels, we finally found these jars in the wedding section and they’re perfect!  (Also, we found a 50% off coupon on Michaels’ website and used it for this product. Score!)

We filled them with hot cocoa mix, crushed up candy cane pieces and (my favorite), marshmallows.

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Next, you want to tie the three jars together.  We used a rubber band to make sure that they were secure and then tied the gold ribbon around it.  We used the hot glue gun to glue the ribbon to the rubber band.

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We also decided to make cute little festive stirrers for the cocoa.  We attached bells and confetti balls with wire to 6″ wooden dowels. We did this by stringing through the items, holding the decorations at the tip of the dowel, and then wrapping the wire back around the dowel to secure it (this can be tricky, but I promise it can be done!).  If the wire is sticking out at all, add a little hot glue to that sucker.

Sidenote: For the stirrers with the bells, we first wrapped the tip of the stirrers with the silver washy tape for a little extra oomph.

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We found adorable felt stockings in the sticker section and opted to hot glue them to the center dowel to add a bit more color.  You can add just about anything festive right here to spice up your project a little!

Stuff the sticks in the center and Voila…ain’t that pretty or what?

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All in all, we are thrilled how they turned out and even more excited to tell our amazing friends and colleagues how much we value their support of Wunderkid.

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