Our 7 Favorite Slow, Sustainable, & Ethical Fashion Blogs

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You probably know them from Instagram, geeking out over Reformation’s new sustainable jeans or posing, oh-so-chic, next to a cactus in the cutest outfit that also happens to be 100% ethically-made. While fast fashion and the ills it causes aren’t exactly news (the fact that fashion is the one of the most-polluting industries in the world is becoming less of a shock to most of our ears), there are a select handful of fashion bloggers who are breaking from the tendency to spotlight fast fashion brands. These ladies are leading the way in championing sustainable and/or ethical clothing and lifestyle brands through their careful, intentional, and completely unique respective styles. Below, you’ll find a few of our favorite leading ladies from the world of slow, sustainable, and ethical style.

Sustainably Chic
Natalie Kay’s blog is an absolute go-to for anyone looking to start a sustainable wardrobe. From her video defining conscious fashion terms so you don’t get caught up in the jargon to her guide to the perfect eco-friendly sweaters, she’s definitely got something for everyone.
Our favorite? Her Tips for Thrifting & Vintage Buying is a perfect guide for those of us who are dying to jump aboard the sustainable fashion train, but prefer a more wallet-friendly approach.

Style Bee
Neutrals! Minimalism! Clean lines galore! Lee Vosburgh’s blog is as curated and calculated as her style. Her focus on creating a “lean” closet that reduces how many items of clothing she buys and wastes, as well as purchasing from ethical brands, is one you know you can trust: Vosburgh is a designer and has been featured in Refinery29, FLARE, and Darling.
Our favorite? Vosburgh’s Fall 2017 10×10 Challenge has inspired us to look out for classic, versatile pieces that are designed to stun (just look at her tan Marvin Browne coat and you’ll know what we mean). “Define Your Style in 5 Simple Steps” is also helpful for anyone looking to create their signature look without slogging through Pinterest.

Slow fashion, green and eco-friendly beauty, travel tips, and an art & entertainment spotlight: Annie Zhu’s blog has it all. Fair warning: a trip to Terumah for fashion inspiration can end hours later with you wondering how you’ve wound up reading through the Cuppa Tea Book Club archives. It’s that enjoyable.
Our favorite?3 Ways to Style a Blue Dress Shirt” has proved incredibly helpful for finally deciding how to style that piece we bought for Halloween years ago.

Michelle For Good
Like many of us, Michelle Chavez wanted to do something when she first learned about conscious consumerism while part of a group combating human trafficking in college. This led her to create The Tote Project, as well as her blog, Michelle For Good. Chavez’s blog is chock-full of resources on where to find the best ethical fashion and goods out there, perfect for the conscious consumer who’s just starting to build their wardrobe.
Our favorite? Maybe we’re biased, but we’ll definitely be using her “Ethical Fashion Finds: Los Angeles, CA” guide on our next shopping spree.

Eco Cult
Alden Wicker’s approach to sustainable fashion and all-around eco-friendly living is met relies on humor. The friendly and funny tone she and her contributors employ in many of their posts makes her blog easy (and fun) to read. (Who wouldn’t click on a headline like “Weekend Reads: Juicing Needs to Die”?)
Our favorite? Though we’re not vegan ourselves, we think everybody should read “Finally! An Eco-Friendly Vegan Leather Exists and You Can Buy It!

Conscious Fashion Collective
This lookbook from Kaméa Chayne, the mind behind Konscious Whispers, highlights some of the best products in more sustainable fashion for 2017.
Our favorite? Maybe it’s our thrifted Levi’s addiction kicking in, but we’re loving “9 Sustainable Denim Brands Making Eco-Friendly Jeans in Healthier Ways.”

Bonus Personal Favorite: The Filipino Grigio
Lindsey Twigg (aka The Filipino Grigio) doesn’t pigeonhole herself as a sustainable or ethical fashion blogger as much as a fashion blogger who’s choosing slow when she can (like many of her readers!). She has several awesome think pieces on slow fashion and how to be intentional with your retail spending. Maybe it’s because I’ve known her for a few years, but anyone can see that her quirky, open writing style serves to reinforce her unique personal style, making for a blog that’s a delight to read.
Our favorite?You Will Never Be French: An Internal Dialogue” deconstructs the French-girl look while explaining why none of us who aren’t French girls can do it right. Complete with cooing over Reformation dresses and how moto jackets are built for the LA Instafamous, this post will have you giggling…and nodding in agreement.



  1. It’s so good to learn about how people are working towards making fashion a more sustainable industry!
    Our Pirarucu fish leather handbags are circular designs that are made from a by-product in Brazil, primarily used as a food source for local communities! How cool is that?

  2. My wife loves the Indie Blog, Sustainably Chick, and https://coalatree.com/collections/women when it comes to sustainable womens clothing. I really find it satisfying knowing that even in her choice of clothes, she still considers how it can help our society in general. She really supports ethical and sustainable brands!

  3. Thank you for a great post , very very inspiring!I am practicing sustainable fashion since 4 years and yes sometimes it is a bit challenging! Lately I have discovered BYADÈLE (by-adele.com) brand from Berlin and only her website informed so much and I ordered a sustainable wedding dress from her that I can actually reuse (!) for future events! so everyone who wants to learn a bit more about ethical fashion do it and it is more than possible!xxx

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